Ampalaya Plus

  Ampalaya Plus is Clinically TESTED
  Ampalaya Plus Helps Lower Blood Sugar
  Ampalaya contains Plant Insulin
  Ampalaya is a Super Food
  Ampalaya Plus is "DOH and FDA" approved


Ampalaya Plus

  Ampalaya is a vegetable INSULIN
  Banaba is an herb, which helps in weight loss
  Luyang Dilaw helps lower cholesterol and has anti-oxidant


Ampalaya Plus

Ampalaya Plus has a "Unique Power Blend" that guarantees optimum quality, because it's clinically tested, "FDA, DOH" approved.


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All testimonials were not edited and were presented in full – as it is, as submitted to Nattural Quality Corporation.

Why Ampalaya Plus

Ampalaya Plus have a “Unique Power Blend,” you are guaranteed to have an optimum world class grade of quality.


“My mother was able to control his blood sugar more easily upon taking Ampalaya Plus. will continue buying this product”

Arianne Mae C Capaciete

“I am so greatful to have found this Amplaya Plus for my mother. She is diabetic and this product help her blood sugar to be regulate and normal. She take 2 capsule in a day and she feel better and energized as well.”

Vince Baldonado

“Been user of Ampalaya Plus for almost 2 years. One of my friend recommended it to me to try because he said this is good to my health. After using for two weeks, my health condition became stable now.”

Eric Aparri

Real A+ Stories

Francis Story

Francis Rufino is a seaman who came from a family with diabetes.

Henry Story

Henry is a Danish who is about to be amputated and become blind because of diabetes.

Poch Story

Poch is obese who feared for his life because of diabetes.

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