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Francis Rufino is a seaman who came from a family with diabetes.

Henry is a Danish who is about to be amputated and become blind because of diabetes.

Poch is obese who feared for his life because of diabetes.

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Ampalaya Plus for Diabetes

Ampalaya Plus

Ampalaya Plus is a natural food supplement specially formulated to contain Ampalaya (Bitter gourd), Banaba and Luyang Dilaw (Turmeric). Ampalaya Plus is popularly known and trusted brand in the Philippines that may be taken to supplement your diet.

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Enduranz for Erectile Dysfunction

Enduranz Capsule for Men

Enduranz is a natural food supplement specially formulated to contain Tongkat ali (Long jack), Gotu kola, and Malunggay. Each ingredients has a long history of use for men throughout Southeast Asia.

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Slenda for weightloss


Slenda is a natural food supplement specially formulated to contain Resveratrol, EGCG (green tea extract) and Turmeric. Each ingredient is known for their anti-oxidant properties. Slenda may be taken to supplement your diet together with exercise for best result.

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Delite Herbal Tea Drink

Delite Herbal Tea Drink

Delite Herbal tea is a drink you can enjoy while getting the benefits of bitter gourd without its bitter taste. It is a natural drink infused with green tea extract and calamansi.

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Renalin for Kidneys


Renalin is a natural food supplement specially formulated to contain Balbas pusa plant(Cat whiskers) leaves, Sambong and Luyang dilaw (Turmeric). Balbas pusa leaves and Sambong are herbs traditionally use in Southeast Asia to expel kidney stones.

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Guyamaax is an herbal supplement containing the combination of Natures’ finest anti-oxidants which can prevent free radicals that causes premature aging, decreased mental function and deprived immune system.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“My mother was able to control his blood sugar more easily upon taking Ampalaya Plus. will continue buying this product”

Arianne Mae C Capaciete

“I am so greatful to have found this Amplaya Plus for my mother. She is diabetic and this product help her blood sugar to be regulate and normal. She take 2 capsule in a day and she feel better and energized as well.”

Vince Baldonado

“Been user of Ampalaya Plus for almost 2 years. One of my friend recommended it to me to try because he said this is good to my health. After using for two weeks, my health condition became stable now.”

Eric Aparri

“When I got pregnant with my second child, my doctor started to notice that my blood sugar has starting to rise into alarming level. So she said that we should continue to monitor it after I gave birth because she thinks it is just part of being pregnant but when I gave birth it is still the same so I started to take necessary measures. A friend introduced this product to me since I do love organic products so I tried it. When I’ve had my test recently I’m very much surprised with the result, it actually stabilized my blood sugar. So I want to say thank you to this product because now I can sleep without worrying about my condition anymore because I know that I have Ampalaya Plus to count on.”

Monique Lugtu

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