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+ 90 capsules
+ 500 mg
+ Guyabano
+ Vitamin C
+ Turmeric
+ Mangosteen

Intake:  1-2 Capsules, 3 times a day – 10 minutes before meal


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Guyamaax is an herbal supplement containing the combination of Natures’ finest anti-oxidants which can prevent free radicals that causes premature aging, decreased mental function and deprived immune system. Guyabano contains substances that can improve intestinal health, Vitamin C boosts the immune system, Turmeric and Mangosteen contains powerful antioxidants to improve mental health and maintain healthy skin.

Guyabano – This fruit has an anti-cancer properties, Maintains proper intestinal health, Diuretic, Source of vitamin C.

Vitamin C – Powerful antioxidant, Wound healing properties (due to formation of collagen), Immune system booster.

Turmeric Powder – Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory properties, Hepato protective properties (prevents liver damage).

Mangosteen – This fruit has anti-cancer properties, Stimulates immune system, Improves mental health, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, maintains healthy skin.

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Registered (Free), Express Mail $58, Autoship Registered (3 months) $111, Autoship Registered (6 months) $222, Autoship Express (3 months) $174, Autoship Express (6 months) $348

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  1. 5 out of 5

    It helps my skin look younger.

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