Why Ampalaya Plus

Ampalaya Plus have a “Unique Power Blend,” you are guaranteed to have an optimum world class grade of quality.

Ampalaya Helps Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels

Ampalaya can lower your blood sugar at normal level naturally whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Strengthen your body with the immune system boosting properties of Ampalaya Plus.

Banaba Helps Reduce Hypertension

Banaba can ameliorate hypertension, Abnormal lipid metabolism, Oxidative stress and Inflammation.

Ampalaya Plus is Clinically Tested

Ampalaya Plus is “DOH and FDA” approved, and helps Lower Blood Sugar.

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Ampalaya Plus is Your Vegetable Insulin in a Capsule

With Ampalaya Plus’  “Unique Power Blend,” you are guaranteed to have an optimum world class grade of quality. The ingredients are gathered from clean and pollution-free farms. Get control of your blood sugar, and health. If you are prediabetic, stop it while it’s early. Use Ampalaya plus to help you reverse Type 2 diabetes.

Ampalaya (Bitter gourd)

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is probably one of the oldest human disease known. Over 200 Million are affected by diabetes and is estimated to shoot up to 300 Million by 2025 with 50 Million undiagnosed. This is a big threat to many. Plant-based medicine is one of the most effective and are clinically tested. The most popular of 300 plant based medicine with hypoglycemic properties is Momordica Charantia or Ampalaya aka. Bitter Gourd, Bitter Melon or Vegetable Insulin. Ampalaya, commonly known as bitter melon is a fruit used as food and as traditional medicine in Tropical countries. It has a wide array of nutritional and health benefits. Aside from lowering blood sugar Ampalaya has been extensively used for (Viral infections, Bacterial infections, Indigestion, Fever, Skin disease, Hypertension, Reduced cholesterol and inflammation, Enhance immunity and Promoting milk flow).

Ampalaya is also known to inhibit breast cancer cell proliferation The Journal of Cancer Research published a study that Ampalaya extract inhibits breast cancer cell proliferation by modulating cell cycle regulatory genes and promotes apoptosis.

Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa)

Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa) is another traditional medicinal plant. It is a species of crepe myrtle tree and is native to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Banaba contains an active compound called corosolic acid which is responsible for the lowering of blood sugar after meal. Aside from its effect in blood sugar, study shows that Corosolic acid found in Banaba leaves can ameliorate (Hypertension, Abnormal lipid metabolism, Oxidative stressand Inflammation).

Aside from corosolic acid, banaba also contains active ellagitannins ( lagerstoemin, flosin B and reginin A). These compounds possess insulin like actions by increasing glucose uptake in fat cells which lowers sugar in the blood. Recent study shows that the fruit of banaba has anti-bacterial effect against Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Luyang dilaw (Turmeric)

Luyang Dilaw, popularly known as turmeric ginger is a spice commonly used in Asian foods. It contains curcumin, a yellow-colored primary active compound found in turmeric. In traditional Asian medicine, turmeric has long been used to treat (Gastrointestinal upset, Dyspepsiaand and Arthritic pain).

In the United States, US FDA granted turmeric a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status. In traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric has been used to (Strengthen the body, Tone the digestive system, Expel parasitic worms, Regulate menstruation, Dissolve gallstones, Relieve arthritis and Rheumatic disorders). In Chinese medicine, turmeric is an important herb for (Digestive complaints, Urinary complaints, Gallstones and Menstrual pain).

Curcumin and curcuminoids found in turmeric has been reviewed as a possible treatment for several conditions including (Alzheimer’s disease, Atherosclerosis, Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Gastroesophageal reflux disorder, Hyperlipidemia, Irritable bowel disease, Metabolic syndrome and Osteoarthritis).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ampalaya Plus have any side effects?

Ampalaya Plus is a food supplement made from natural ingredients. There are no known and reported side effects from taking Ampalaya Plus.

Is Ampalaya Plus FDA Approved?

Yes, Ampalaya Plus is FDA approved and is in compliance with the regulatory laws. You can trust that Nattural Quality Corporation, the maker of Ampalaya Plus, is committed to bring safe, effective and scientifically finger-printed quality products like Ampalaya Plus. Scientifically finger printed means that if you will bring the capsules in the labs for testing, it really contains 100% of the ingredients stated above, therefore safe and effective. Ampalaya Plus is registered with the Philippine Food and Drug Administration and is manufactured in a state of the art facility that conforms to current good manufacturing process.

Does Ampalaya Plus contain steroid?

No. Ampalaya Plus is a food supplement made of natural ingredients and is free from any steroids or adulterants.

What is Ampalaya Plus Dosage?

For best results Ampalaya Plus should be taken thrice a day, 1 capsule 10 minutes before every meal.

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Yes, that’s right, we ship around the world FREE! Don’t let diabetes control your life.

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“My Mom is diabetic. Ampalaya plus was recommend by one the close friend of our family and because of the good result of maintaining to take ampalaya plus everyday, my Mom really happy on the result. She became more energetic and she’s more productive. Ampalaya plus is her maintenance to lower down her blood sugar. Proud to say that we are proud user of Ampalays plus.”

Mary Grace Naysayo

“My 2 siblings are diabetic. Ampalaya plus then became their maintenance to lower down there blood sugar. And been my supplement when I feel my hands numb for a everyday errands. And it really helps. Proud to say that I was been a proud user of Ampalaya plus. ^_^”

Jane Dream Ballado

“When I got pregnant with my second child, my doctor started to notice that my blood sugar has starting to rise into alarming level. So she said that we should continue to monitor it after I gave birth because she thinks it is just part of being pregnant but when I gave birth it is still the same so I started to take necessary measures. A friend introduced this product to me since I do love organic products so I tried it. When I’ve had my test recently I’m very much surprised with the result, it actually stabilized my blood sugar. So I want to say thank you to this product because now I can sleep without worrying about my condition anymore because I know that I have Ampalaya Plus to count on. ”

Monique Lugtu

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